Dr. Jugenburg is presently on staff at the Humber River Regional Hospital. Dr. Jugenburg is highly respected for his work with trauma/injury patients. He is also building a reputation as an efficient, highly skilled Plastic Surgeon performing a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Dr. Jugenburg has introduced many state-of-the-art surgical techniques that were previously not performed at the hospital.

Humber River Regional Hospital is currently in the process of preparing to move to its new location. A new superhospital will be constructed on the corner of Keele and Wilson. Once finished, it will be the largest community hospital in Canada. It will contain state-of-the-art surgical facilities and will be able to provide some of the most advanced surgical procedures.

Humber River Regional Hospital is the regional bariatric surgery centre of excellence. Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, Lap Band) provides a surgical solution to patients suffering from morbid obesity. In addition to helping patients lose weight, it leads to an improvement in co-morbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. In the end, patients not only lose weight, but live longer. On the down side, following extreme weight loss, patients are left with a lot of excess skin. For these patients, Dr. Jugenburg has the expertise to perform various body contouring procedures. Body contouring procedures are a group of surgical techniques that remove excess skin and fat and remodel the body to make it more normal-looking. Body contouring is one of the fastest growing subspecialties in Plastic Surgery, yet relatively few Plastic Surgeons have the training to perform these procedures on massive weight loss patients. Dr. Jugenburg performs his procedures with the assistance of highly trained surgical assistants at the Hospital as well as at The Plastic Surgery Clinic.